December 27, 2009

Jeeps Willys By The Daimler Chrysler Corporation

Jeeps Willys a vehicle brand that is widely known, and also widely confused with a lot of other vehicle type, is the Jeep. Unlike other automotive brands, the Jeeps Willys is not manufactured by a company with the same name. Jeep is just a brand, or a marque, whose trademark is currently owned by the Daimler-Chrysler Corporation.

The original prototypes of what is followed now by the Jeep brand of cars were built solely for the US Army. The first mass producer of the Jeep was the Willys-Overland Motor Company, who eventually used the name and the style for their commercial vehicles to be sold later. In 1945, Willys manufactured the Civilian Jeep, the first commercially produced Jeep. But the trademark of the Jeep didn't stay long for the Willys. Jeeps Willys was sold to Kaiser in 1953, who then marketed the Kaiser-Jeeps Willys In 1973, Kaiser was sold to AMC, which was then later bought by Chrysler. The Jeep brand continues to exist today as a brand of cars manufactured by Daimler-Chrysler.

Current Jeep models marketed under the Daimler-Chrysler Corporation include the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Liberty, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Wrangler still looks much like the original Jeep while the Liberty and Grand Cherokee are SUVs. Even though the other two models of the Jeep no longer look like the original, it still keeps most of its characteristics. No matter how varied they look now, they are still the vehicles that would allow you to trek any sort of terrain, where most other vehicles cannot pass through.

Designed to journey through rocky and rough terrains, your Jeep must be equipped with parts that can bear such off-road conditions. Here at Parts Train, we offer you just that. Parts Train has the most complete and updated online catalog of premium Jeep parts and products. We have high quality Jeep engine parts and suspension parts designed to outlast all the conditions brought about by off-road travels. Here at Parts Train, you can be assured of tough and rigid Jeep mechanical and body parts that would surely last long on your Jeeps Willys.
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November 19, 2009

Hummer Built For The Military Jeeps.

While primarily built for the military jeeps, AM General Corporation had previously planned to market a civilian model, Designed for the military by AM General Corporation, AMC's Jeep General Products division, the first High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle or Hum-Vee for short, came with many different military grade options. The hummer that most know and recognize began as a different type vehicle. Some of these options included gun turrets, radar, directional microwave crowd control, armor plating and troop carriers.

The publicity combined with that received when the Hum-Vee played a very active role in Desert Storm was all that was needed to have the public clamoring to get their hands on the newest off road toy. Advertising the Hummer, which was the designation for the civilian form of vehicle, was never an issue. When twin Hum-Vee's were driven from London to Beijing in 1990, ESPN was there to broadcast the highlight of the journey.

The most famous of these was that AM General converted for use in and around the Arctic Circle and for use in the Antarctic. AM General had no trouble converting the military based vehicle to a civilian model, Soon AM General was received orders for special order models. It was given caterpillar tracks for use in the snow, a redesigned rear compartment and an engine designed specifically for use in bitterly cold climates. It was nicknamed the Snow-Vee.

In 1992 when it went on sell to the public for the first time, the Hummer Jeep civilian version was officially to Hummer H1.

They have also been featured on the big screen as well. In the 2007 Transformers movie, one of the Autobots transforms into a search and rescue Hummer H2. Some of the most notable include the show CSI: Miami in which the crime lab Lt Horatio Cain drives one during the sixth season. By the 1990's the public was completely infatuated with the large heavy-duty vehicles and Hummers began appearing regularly in popular culture.

Three generation designs so far and each one is classed numerically, the first generation is known as the Hummer H1, the second is the Hummer H2 and the third generation was given the designation Hummer H3.

General Motors, who now owns the brand name, worked with the Red Cross and donated 4 million dollars to train Hummer owners with CPR and first aid skills as well as basic off road safety driving skills so that they could assist as first responders in disaster situations. Because the Hummer has such heavy-duty capabilities, they have been used in many humanitarian efforts in disaster situations. The Hummer has developed somewhat of a cult following and car clubs have popped up across the country, so much so that the owners have formed Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies.

The Hummer has exceptional poor fuel economy, Because of the size and weight of the vehicle. Unfortunately, as much as some love the Hummer, others hate it. The hummer has been singled out on more than one occasion as a symbol of reckless endangerment of the environment and poor ecological perceptions by many have led to heavy criticism.
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August 15, 2009

The Range Rover 2007 Most Complete Luxury Vehicle

The most complete luxury sport utility vehicle for years already Range Rover 2007 has been known as the world. The Range Rover 2007 new is yet set to still remain in its position at the top, as part of the series of the Range Rover versions upgrade and updates that it received. The Range Rover lists of changes were done for the 2007 model year.

Included in the changes that the vehicle received included the cabin, its chassis, as well as off road capacities. The Range Rover 2007 model version would be holding as a standard feature the intuitive Terrain Response system which is more known as the TM system. The chance to select one of the give distinct vehicle settings new system actually gives the driver so as to be able to suit the terrain that the Range Rover is traveling on.

To take care of the various road conditions, there were also ptimizations and upgrades done to the vehicle’ key hardware and software settings that control the suspension, stability control, braking system, powertrain and transmission system.

The new Range Rover also holds an optional rear differential and The actually stands for electronic and it now available as a standard feature on the Supercharg. To maintain the Range Rover outstanding reputation, we continuously look at how we can update and upgrade the vehicle, the Executive Vice President of Land Rover North America’Sales and Marketing department explained.

They have further refined Range Rover substantial equipment levels to meet the existing Range Rover customers and requirements of both new. The Range Rover interior as a simple look at the cabin would give you the impression that, indeed, upgrades and changes were made, the whole cabin has been given more space.

To add to storage space, the Range Rover now holds an electronically-released twin glove box, the airbag system has also been updated. To preserve these qualities in delivering only the best Rover Freelander parts and Land Rover body parts likewise strives.

The Land Rover Parts and Range Rover Parts has been the top choice of millions of Land Rover and Range Rover owners, as many customers are satisfied with Land Rover cars.
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May 17, 2009

Discover What Wrangler Jeeps For Sale Parts And Accessories Is.

Some components and accessories wrangler jeeps for sale can help you improve the performance and style of your vehicle and drive to ensure security on the roads, among others:

Passenger Side Mirror & Drive Side Tail Light to equip Wrangler Jeeps For Sale .

Suspension as stabilizer of Wrangler Jeeps For Sale .

Muffler can help to support power machine of Wrangler Jeeps For Sale .

Exhaust Manifold can help to support power machine of Wrangler Jeeps For Sale.
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May 16, 2009

The Advantages Of Used Cars For Sale

Cheap used cars for sale in auctions are the right places to go if you are looking for a cheap car or are operating a business selling used vehicles. But for the first-timer, it can be quite daunting. These few tips below are going to guide you on how to buy used cars for sale at these auctions.

1. Select Government or Police Cheap Used Car for sale at Auctions

The reason why you go for these is that the quality of the cars is good and fit for use. But as with all used cars, there are bound to be some minor issues like scratches. However, if you go along with the government auctions, you can be assured of higher quality.

2. Organize a Preliminary Inspection

Cheap used cars for sale at auction do allow a period where you can conduct a preliminary inspection should you be interested in a vehicle. You may wish to have a professional auto mechanic who can assess the vehicle's condition and advise you accordingly. This step is crucial as the vehicles sold are not refundable.

3. Conduct Your Own Homework

It is important to conduct your mini research when you find an used cars for sale, you like at the auctions. Check out its ID number on Car Fax for a full history report that can reveal details which are otherwise not obvious to you. You may want to find out what price a similar make and model would fetch in the car dealership to estimate its worth and how much you should bid for.

4. Decide on Your Bids

It is not a joke when people tell you that you can find vehicles at up to 90% off their market value at cheap used car auctions. But more importantly, you need to set a maximum limit to your bids. This would help you not to engage in a bidding war. While planning your bids, remember to set aside extra cash for expenses like the vehicle registration fee, buyer's premium and other associated costs.

5. Use Low-Competition Cheap Used Car For Sale At Auctions.

Auctions held on weekdays are great to find bargain deals since there wouldn't be many bidders. The same goes for those held in remote places. You can make use of these opportunities to find a vehicle at low prices since there isn't many bids and hence not much competition.
Cheap used car auctions have fulfilled the common man's dream to drive a luxury car on a shoestring budget. Others have lined their pockets with profits from buying and reselling the vehicles bought. Really, with these tips you now know, you are in a better position to bid for a vehicle from the auctions.
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May 14, 2009

Old Jeeps For Sale Can Be Fun For Everyone.

Old jeeps for sale as the civilian jeep history is long and there have been a great variety of CJ designs over the years. Jeeps started as military vehicles in the forties, and Civilian Jeeps also started to be produced in the forties. The first Civilian Jeep, or CJ, was produced in 1944 because the company was thinking about a post-war market for Jeeps. These Jeeps were designed for agricultural use, and there were only twelve models made in 1944. In 1945 CJs were mass-produced for the first time as CJ-2As. Over the years Civilian Jeeps changed in design, features and performance. Eventually they became roomier and more powerful.

In the eighties Civilian Jeep sales started to drop and so Jeep started manufacturing the Wrangler, which is very similar to the Civilian Jeep except that it is lower and wider. The Wrangler was introduced in 1986 and it was produced for 10 years before it was redesigned in 1997. Both Wrangler designs were very popular and it is still a very dependable and popular vehicle as the old jeeps for sale.

Vehicles obtained from the old jeeps for sale are good off road after restoration and modification, vehicles and many Jeep enthusiasts build their own CJs rather than buy used CJs. There is a great variety of Civilian Jeep and Wrangler parts available from several auto part stores and jeep part websites, so if you have, or want to build, a CJ or a Wrangler there are a lot of options for you. Civilian Jeeps have a great history and there have been a lot of CJs manufactured and there are several CJ designs, so you can find a lot of used CJs and Civilian Jeep designs that you can use to build your own.
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May 6, 2009

Nissan Is The Most Popular Used Jeeps For Sale

Used jeeps for sale, it is widely known that Nissan is in the auto industry a long time and through the years, Nissan has introduced some of the most memorable auto models. These vehicles are now being showcased at the companys auto museum in Tokyo.

The Ginza Gallery as it is called is located right in the middle of Tokyo’s shopping and business district. It combines the heritage of Nissan and the new auto models in its showroom. Unlike many auto museums, the Ginza Gallery is open to the public and is conveniently located in front of Nissan’s headquarters in the said city.

One of the vehicles on the gallery is the Nissan X-Trail - the compact crossover SUV that Nissan used jeeps for sale in the United States auto market. Its presence at the museum is proof that the gallery not only displays classic cars but also the new vehicles that Nissan produces. The X-Trail is assembled at Nissan’s facility in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

A classic Nissan car displayed at the museum is the Fairlady. The Fairlady is the direct ancestor of the Z car which Nissan is known for. It was first produced by the car manufacturer in 1959 and was discontinued in 1970. Throughout its stint in the market, Nissan produced 40,000 units of the roadster. The Fairlady badge though is not used in other markets. Instead, it was marketed under the Datsun Sports name. The popularity of the Fairlady is due to the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to European sports cars.

Another classic Nissan car at the Ginza gallery is the 2000 GTX. The Skyline 2000 GTX benefited from the success of the Fairlady in the sense that the capability of the company to produce high performance vehicles is already made known to the car buying public. The fact that every Nissan Silvia was hand-built made the coupe an expensive one. From 1964 to 1968 when production was discontinued, there were 554 units of this car that was produced.

While production for the vehicle was discontinued in 1968, the Silvia will return once again to Nissan’s lineup in 1974 and was once again discontinued in 2002. The car family is the first Nissan vehicle to use a front-wheel drive configuration. The subcompact car is later named as the Nissan Pulsar although in some markets, it is still called the Cherry. Like its contemporaries in Datsun’s lineup, it is also engineered to be a fast car. It was intended to fill the gap between the Bluebird and the Nissan Cedric during that time.

The Laurel is only marketed in select Asian and European car markets. Through its stint in Nissans lineup, the Laurel underwent ten generation of redesigns. Unlike the Cherry, the Laurel used jeeps for sale the rear-wheel drive configuration.

The last vehicle on display at the museum is the Nissan Cedric. The Cedric was first introduced in 1960 and remains in Nissan’s lineup to this day making it one of Nissan’s longest running models. The Cedric is a large luxury car and is easily recognizable as a Nissan car. Its present model uses the same design concepts used by other Nissan cars from the nose, fender, Nissan door handles, and rear bumper.
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May 2, 2009

Army Jeeps For Sale Reviews

Jeeps have to be some of the coolest vehicles on the planet! Among army surplus vehicles, you can find some pretty sweet vintage jeeps. If you do a search of army jeeps for sale you can find quite a few sites that have listings where you can either bid or buy outright. But what do you look for when you are looking for an army jeeps for sale? Is there any rust? Vehicles in the southeast and north east tend to have a little more rust on the body due to the higher humidity in those regions. The northwest and southwest are drier climates and don't cause rust as often. However, if you do pick up an army surplus vehicle for sale that has a little rust here and there, it isn't the end of the world. Just know where to look to find the hidden rust spots.
The floorboards can sometimes do some pretty gnarly rusting as well. You can also tell if a rusted vehicle has been painted over because the paint will look as if it has bubbled up. Finding a vintage, restoration ready army jeep for sale can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, just you and your jeep.
Knowing the history of the army jeeps is very important when you start looking for a jeep to add to your collection. The history of the willys jeep is a great resource to start with.
More information on other old jeeps, the old jeeps for sale blog includes lots of information, guides, tips, as well as a great resource for finding parts for your restoration project.
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March 27, 2009

The Benefits Of Jeeps For Sale In Is The Best Tires.

Before choosing the right jeep for sale in tires, there are several factors you need to look at, such as tread pateren, tire size and of course, what type of driving you will be doing with your jeep.

* If you are among the few jeep owners who rearly if ever take your jeep off-road, then there are only two factors you need to look at.

* If you live in an area that receives little or no snow, then your basic radial jeep tires will do just fine.

* If you live in an area that receives moderit to heavy snow fall, or you plan on driving in the mountians in the winter, then you would want to go with a more agresive mud and snow tire for your rig.

* If you are among the majority of jeep owners and love taking your jeep off-road, then you need to look at more aggressive jeep tires.

You have a wide selection of off-road jeep tires to choose from including the more aggressive style of the mud and snow tire, the very popular mud train, and one of the most popular off-road jeep tires, the supper swamper.

In the end, it is you, the jeep owner who will know which type of jeep tires will be best suted for your jeep.

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March 22, 2009

The Best Jeep Is The Key To Successful Of Jeeps For Sale.

Many people interested in buying a Jeep, both civil Jeep or army Jeep, but they can be difficult to find, which can be frustrating. Here are some of the Best Jeep of Jeeps for sale :

1. Auctions are always a good place to find old Jeeps for sale, because many people prefer to put them for sale in this manner compared to other options, such as classified ads - online or otherwise. Some believe that putting old jeeps for sale in an auction will allow them to make more money off of their vehicles than other means of putting up them up for sale because they can sell to a wider audience. One of the nice things about an auction is that you can often see the condition and quality of the Jeeps for sale.

2. Classifieds are also somewhere to find Best Jeep of Jeeps for sale ( old and new) that are in good condition. You can search in online classified ads, or the ads in your local newspapers. From here you can either look locally or nationally. Sometimes it is easier to find better deals on old Jeeps for sale in another part of the country - but be careful about travel or shipping costs. On the other hand, an exciting road trip in your new Jeep would be well worth the trip.
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